Britney Spears Surfs PlentyOfFish Dating Site in Her Latest Music Video

Some critics are calling Britney Spears' latest single Hold It Against Me "genuine art." Others, "a total visual assault." All I know is that the song is the pits, and that she's accepted a lot of product placement moolah from companies including Sony and the PlentyOfFish dating site. Yep, the very same site that… » 2/18/11 7:00am 2/18/11 7:00am

Dating Website Leak Results in Call to Hacker's Mom

After information on his 30 million members was compromised, Plenty of Fish CEO Markus Frind did what any sensible tech executive who cares about his reputation would do: Complain to the mom of the youngster who hacked him. » 1/31/11 4:23pm 1/31/11 4:23pm