Pleo Turns One, Learns How To Make Itself Over $100 Cheaper

Pleo, the robot dinosaur loved by everyone—except dogs and blogs—is celebrating its first birthday a little early by going on sale for $235. Head over to Ugobe's store from now til July 11 and use semi-creepy coupon code PLEOWORLDISONE, and the dino can be yours for a cool $115 less than usual. Whether you teach Pleo… »6/30/08 9:21am6/30/08 9:21am

Top Tips on Socializing Pets and Bots, Courtesy of WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has a great feature this morning about pets and household robots, such as Roombas and Pleos. Writer Andrew Lavallee has compiled all sorts of anecdotes—including useful tips on how to bed your pet in with the 'bot in your life, including protecting your Sony Aibo from cat bites (cayenne pepper… »6/11/08 7:10am6/11/08 7:10am

Popular Mechanics Call Zune 2, Apple TV 'Worst of the Year'

Popular Mechanics knows how to get people pissed off. They just released their "Worst of the Year" list, and while much of it is the type of crap that I've never heard of that I'm sure is lousy. it has some stuff on it that quite a few people might actually, you know, like. Such as Apple TV, Zune 2 and Pleo. What were… »12/13/07 5:30pm12/13/07 5:30pm

Playing With Pleo the Pet Camarasaurus (Verdict: Neat but Pricey)

Ugobe's Pleo is the latest "electronic pet" to hit the consumer market, and as such, has received plenty of attention from media and consumers. At $350, Pleo is more expensive than a Furby but cheaper than an AIBO. After spending the last few days toying around with Pleo, as well watching it interact with real … »12/13/07 1:00pm12/13/07 1:00pm

Pleo Meets Dogs, Dogs Don't Like Pleo, Pleo Gets Mad

Pleo the robot dinosaur showed up on my doorstep Friday afternoon, and I figured it would be nice to take it in and introduce it to my dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs gave Pleo the cold shoulder, and that really pissed Pleo off, sending it into an anger-filled rampage against one of the dogs. Let's just say Pleo claimed… »12/10/07 12:00pm12/10/07 12:00pm