OS X Media Application CenterStage Merges With Plex

CenterStage, the great Media Center-like UI for OS X, has merged with the Plex project, an alternative interface in hopes of creating a de facto product for any Mac user looking for more functionality that Apple TV currently affords. The application can play back many formats the Apple TV, and even iTunes, can't, like… » 7/18/08 9:30pm 7/18/08 9:30pm

OSXBMC Called "Plex" (And Looking Hotter Than Ever)

An independent Mac fork of XBMC (formerly Xbox Media Center)-a lauded cross-platform solution for streaming media-has just gotten a neat new name: "Plex." (That's short for "cineplex.") But we know how it is. You use Front Row and think it's great. Before you go back into your Apple shell, check out this Aeon skin for… » 7/07/08 2:59pm 7/07/08 2:59pm