Volkswagen's New XL1 Plug-In Hybrid Promises 260 MPG

Volkswagen is showing off their new XL1 prototype at the Qatar Motor Show, and they're proud of the fact it gets 261 miles per gallon with the plug-in electric/gas hybrid engine. But they're also excited it will go into production. » 1/29/11 12:40am 1/29/11 12:40am

President Obama Details $2.4 Billion in Grants For Electric Vehicles

Speaking at the Edison Electric Vehicle Tech Center in Pomona, California, BHO dropped details on exactly who can and will receive money for helping put one million plug-in hybrids on the road by 2015. » 3/20/09 9:25am 3/20/09 9:25am

Awkward Piaggio Tricycle Could Be First Mass-Produced Plug-in Hybrid

You know that plug-in hybrid revolution everyone keeps talking about? Well, apparently this is what it is going to look like. If Piaggio keeps its word, the first mass-produced plug-in hybrid vehicle will be an updated version of its MP3 scooter » 11/11/08 8:45am 11/11/08 8:45am, identical to its older brother in nearly every way except for its…

Bailout Package Includes $7,500 Tax Break For Future Chevy Volt Owners

If the future dashboard » 10/06/08 10:45am 10/06/08 10:45am and weren't incentive enough to consider picking up a Chevrolet Volt in 2010, Congress has gifted future owners with an added bonus: a $7,500 tax break passed as part of last week's bailout package. The credit applies to any vehicle with a battery rated at 6kWh or higher, placing it far enough…

100 California Households Get to Test Drive Plug-In Priuses

While they're not getting behind the wheel of the 2009 plug-in Toyota Prius Popular Mechanics took for a spin, 100 households in Northern California are going to put rubber to asphalt next year in the first large-scale consumer test of plug-in hybrids in the country. The 100 green guinea pigs will be picked from the 4… » 10/31/07 12:00am 10/31/07 12:00am