Awkward Piaggio Tricycle Could Be First Mass-Produced Plug-in Hybrid

You know that plug-in hybrid revolution everyone keeps talking about? Well, apparently this is what it is going to look like. If Piaggio keeps its word, the first mass-produced plug-in hybrid vehicle will be an updated version of its MP3 scooter »11/11/08 8:45am11/11/08 8:45am, identical to its older brother in nearly every way except for its…

Bailout Package Includes $7,500 Tax Break For Future Chevy Volt Owners

If the future dashboard »10/06/08 10:45am10/06/08 10:45am and weren't incentive enough to consider picking up a Chevrolet Volt in 2010, Congress has gifted future owners with an added bonus: a $7,500 tax break passed as part of last week's bailout package. The credit applies to any vehicle with a battery rated at 6kWh or higher, placing it far enough…

100 California Households Get to Test Drive Plug-In Priuses

While they're not getting behind the wheel of the 2009 plug-in Toyota Prius Popular Mechanics took for a spin, 100 households in Northern California are going to put rubber to asphalt next year in the first large-scale consumer test of plug-in hybrids in the country. The 100 green guinea pigs will be picked from the 4… »10/31/07 12:00am10/31/07 12:00am