This Brilliant Subway Hack Guarantees You'll Never Fall

The only thing worse than getting on a full subway car where there's no place to sit, is getting on an even fuller subway car where there's no place to brace yourself. But here's a brilliant hack that not only guarantees you've always got something secure to hold onto, but also something no one else has put their… »6/24/13 3:40pm6/24/13 3:40pm

Clear Clogs and Terrify Japanese School Girls With This Toilet Kraken

Rising from the murky bowels of your toilet bowl, the "Octopus" plunger concept from designer Art Lebedev blends form and function. The bright orange tentacle is pliable but firm enough to leverage against the large suction cup foot when battling clogs. And it won't need to be hidden away behind the commode when not… »1/31/13 5:20pm1/31/13 5:20pm