Sony's Next Gen Alpha A900 DSLR: 25 Megapixels, Due By September

Sony's Alpha A900 practically blew us away when we first had an opportunity to grope it, which was way back during PMA '08 in January. Well, it looks like the Sony lads are again showing off their 25MP full-frame pro sensor toting DSLR in Japan, along with a launch date of August/September. Our pals at Master Chong… » 3/22/08 9:30am 3/22/08 9:30am

PMA Round Up: The Lean, No BS Version

Megapixels, ISO, live view, DSLRs and point-and-shoots, oh my! It was cold, wintry and brutal in Vegas—I actually needed a coat, plus I think I caught a cold. Relive the best (and worst) of my glories, plus a sweet video treat. » 2/01/08 5:05pm 2/01/08 5:05pm

Is HD Video the Next Must-Have Point 'n' Shoot Feature?

At PMA 2008, it seemed like everyone is adding HD video recording to their digital point 'n' shoot lineup: Panasonic's TZ5 and FX35, Samsung's NV24HD, a few Kodak EasyShare cameras and even one Canon PowerShot, the TX-1. Though Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm are still notably missing from the bandwagon, and Canon doesn't… » 2/01/08 11:32am 2/01/08 11:32am

Delkin ImageRouters Can Dump 8 CF Cards At Once

Delkin's ImageRouter is for photogs who are in need of some serious dumpage, and fast. The basic unit lets you unload four Compact Flash cards simultaneously. The thing takes up about as much room as the Xbox 360's power brick, though fortunately it doesn't weigh a metric ton. If you want to get stupid ridiculous, you… » 2/01/08 10:30am 2/01/08 10:30am

The Most Massive Lens at PMA 2008

It's not quite the biggest lens ever, but this 1000mm focal length lens was the biggest piece of glass we could find at PMA, and the fattest mofo that Sigma pumps out. This bazooka-sized kit carries an appropriately explosive price —$22,000—and can swallow a man's head whole. Believe me, Eric's head is not tiny. He… » 2/01/08 8:41am 2/01/08 8:41am

Panasonic Booth Acrobats Bounce Around Like Wannabe Ninjas

We know most of you guys would prefer hot booth babes filling up our megapixels, but Panasonic's above all of that sex y ist mess. Instead, they gave us some freerunners hopped up on caffeine, rainbows and Abercrombie cologne running and rebounding like ADD children. » 1/31/08 11:30pm 1/31/08 11:30pm


Korean Engineers Develop Miraculous 20,000-Year Photograph

Tucked into a dark and tiny corner of the PMA showfloor is a revolution made by a small Korean company called Wooyoun: metal photographs that last for 20,000 years. These images depicting the Democratic US presidential frontrunners (and no Republicans) were chemically etched in a patented, print-like process—probably… » 1/31/08 10:30pm 1/31/08 10:30pm

An Unfortunate Grope of SmartParts' Fugly Digital Photo Frame/Printer

Digital photo frames were the spammiest product spam at CES, lurking around every corner with their crappiness so I still have a biley taste in my mouth. SmartParts' efforts to pile crappy function atop crappy function with a built-in photo printer, unsurprisingly just amounts to one big crapgasm. On the front, it… » 1/31/08 9:30pm 1/31/08 9:30pm

GE's E1050 Camera: Touchscreen, GPS, Blink and Face Detecting Cameras

Impressive. I didn't think GE had it in them to meet the regulars of the camera world with popular features like smile detection, higher ISO support, and even a touchscreen, built-in GPS and blink detection. There are new low end A series, the slim G series, and midrange E series cameras, too. [BW] » 1/31/08 7:37pm 1/31/08 7:37pm

Leica M8: A Camera for Life

Leica fanatics are different than regular people, so it's no surprise Leica's taking an entirely different—but brilliant—approach with its M8: It's everlasting. Instead of dropping an M9 or M10, Leica is offering substantial upgrades to the M8 itself—mechanical and digital components, so it'll slowly evolve into a new… » 1/31/08 5:08pm 1/31/08 5:08pm

Sony's 25-Megapixel Full-Frame Sensor Lands in Massive Sony DSLR

This is something of a surprise. We sorta didn't expect Sony's 25-megapixel full-frame serious pro sensor to land in a Sony DSLR. The cam's details are scant as hell—it doesn't even have a name, just "flagship model system." All we could squeeze out of recalcitrant reps, other than what we already know about that… » 1/31/08 2:44pm 1/31/08 2:44pm

Hands On Panasonic Lumix TZ5 10X Zoomer and HD Camcorder

First off, you can zoom while recording movies in 720p. It's a nice, slow 'n' steady zoom too, not a jerky or overly fast one, keeping things smooth while you shoot. The LCD is big and bright enough for HD videorecording on this kind of level, though it's not astounding or anything. It's sorta hard to tell just how… » 1/31/08 10:00am 1/31/08 10:00am

Hands On Fujifilm S100FS Faux DSLR: Why?

Okay, I get prosumer cams like Canon's G9 or even Fuji's other big-zoom shooters. The S100FS, I do not get. It's the same size as a DSLR. It costs the same as a DSLR ($799). But it's not a DSLR. And not in a good way. » 1/31/08 9:00am 1/31/08 9:00am

First Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi Hands On: Your XTi Is Now Junk

Unlike Nikon's D40x update, the D60, I'm pretty sure the Canon guy would've noticed if I swapped out my XTi with the XSi Indiana Jones style, and not just because it's tied to the table (I really wanted to). It feels more solid, both in the material (not as toy-like) and in the grip, which now uses the same kind of… » 1/30/08 11:36pm 1/30/08 11:36pm

A Word About the Canon EOS 5D Successor

Interesting bit just tossed our way by the Canon rep when we asked about a 5D follow-up, slightly paraphrased: The EOS-1Ds line (their full-frame pro DSLRs) is on a three-year upgrade cycle. The 1Ds Mark II came out in 2004, and the Mark III dropped in 2007. The EOS 5D came out in 2005.

Draw your own conclusions. » 1/30/08 11:30pm 1/30/08 11:30pm

Kodak's EasyShare Z1012 IS

The Z1012 IS represents Kodak's latest addition to the line of EasyShare digital cameras. Features include: a 10-megapixel resolution, 12X optical zoom with optical image stabilization, high ISO (up to 3,200), and advanced settings like program, aperture and shutter priority, as well as full manual mode—all in a… » 1/30/08 9:02pm 1/30/08 9:02pm

Shifty Eyes On Sony Alpha 350: Shooting from the Hip

Confirmed: The Sony Alpha 350 is perfect for crotch-shots, limited only by the LCD's viewing angle, which is good, but not great. They weirdly didn't have the A300, but the A350 is the exact same, except for MP count—even the Sony rep said so. I'm honestly not too big on the body otherwise—too many buttons on… » 1/30/08 8:50pm 1/30/08 8:50pm

Hands On Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Indestructo-Point and Shoots

Point-and-shoots bore the hell out of me, and most of the PMA P-and-S spam has all bled together at this point. But, I really like the shock- and water-proof armor Olympus has on its otherwise unremarkable 10MP Stylus 1030 SW. It's a steely hardass with style, and I love the exposed. It's actually very lightweight,… » 1/30/08 8:40pm 1/30/08 8:40pm

Hands On Nikon D60 With Stop-Motion Movie Walkthrough

Pop quiz: Which one of these is the D60, and which one is a D40? You can't tell, can you? Ha! That's because it really is pretty much the same chassis (and guts) so if you know the D40x, you know the D60. The best new thing is the stop-motion movie stringer, which is quick, if simple—here's the whole process: » 1/30/08 6:48pm 1/30/08 6:48pm

Sony A300 and A350 DSLRs Have Two-Way Tilting Live View

Sony is officially the last one to the PMA DSLR party, getting real with the A300 and A350 DSLRs we glimpsed earlier. The entry-level 10.2MP A300 (same CCD sensor as the A200, $800 w/lens) snaps away at "about 3fps," 100-3200 ISO, built-in image stabilization (vs. Nikon and Canon's lens approach) and indeed sports… » 1/30/08 3:00pm 1/30/08 3:00pm