PMA 07: Olympus Stylus 770SW Frozen Into a Solid Block of Ice

When we saw this solid block of ice at the Olympus booth, we simply couldn't walk by, and we reached out and touched it just to make sure it was real. Hey, wait a minute, are those real cameras frozen inside there? Sure enough, a couple of Olympus Stylus 770SW digital point-and-shooters were temporarily entombed in… »3/09/07 2:45pm3/09/07 2:45pm

PMA 07: Canon Selphy ES1 Lets You Take a Printer With You

Amidst the dozens of cameras and camcorders Canon was flaunting at PMA 07, this little Selphy ES1 photo printer caught our attention. It's a diminutive portable printer that's made to take to events such as weddings and family gatherings, letting you shoot lots of pictures and then make color prints (4x8" maximum) and… »3/09/07 10:30am3/09/07 10:30am

PMA 07: HP Announces DreamColor, An Open System for Standard Colors All Over the Universe

HP's Executive VP of Imaging and Printing Vyomesh Joshi (pictured above) actually made a bit of news at PMA 07 in the midst of his flurry of desperate-sounding guff and cheerleading about getting people to print more pictures so the company could continue earning astronomical profits by price gouging the public with… »3/09/07 9:09am3/09/07 9:09am

PMA 07: GE Goes All Hep Cat on Those Digital Cameras and So Forth

GE finally decided to get in on this whole "digital imaging" thing that the kids are all talking about, and bring out a whole line of consumer point-and-shoots. First announced last month, the cameras all have the whiz-bang features that one would expect, like image stabilization, face recognition, up to 12MP sensors… »3/09/07 8:48am3/09/07 8:48am

PMA 07: Olympus E-Pro Concept Addresses Its Predecessor's Unpopularity with Pros

Here's the upcoming flagship from Olympus, which is so far just a pheasant under glass, not really anything but a prototype just yet. We don't know much more than what we mentioned earlier this week, namely that it will have an articulating LCD screen, a nice touch to go along with Olympus's live view. Olympus told us… »3/09/07 8:22am3/09/07 8:22am

PMA 07: Day Two To Be Loaded With Photasmagoric Goodness

Day breaks here in gorgeous, sunny and somewhat fabulous Las Vegas, and it's time for Day Two of the Photo Marketing Association Convention (PMA), that photogenic confab that you won't want to miss. Stick with the Giz for the skinny on all the big happenings here at the show, where today we'll get our greasy paws on… »3/09/07 7:58am3/09/07 7:58am

PMA 07: Canon EOS-1D Mark III Snapping Off Frames Like a House Afire

As promised, here's the Canon EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR firing off 10 frames per second. It's able to shoot a string of 110 frames at a time in its default large jpeg frame size at level 8 compression. Canon's Chuck Westfall, Director of Media and Customer Relationship of the Consumer Imaging Group, shows us what… »3/08/07 9:52pm3/08/07 9:52pm

PMA 07: Pandigital 15" Frame, Thinner But with a Huge Honkin' Screen

Sure, there are digital picture frames popping up everywhere, but this Pandigital model just rolled out here at PMA 2007 is different. First of all, it's huge, 15 inches diagonal with a 1024x768 screen. That's a 4:3 aspect ratio, a slight disadvantage since most photos aren't taken in that shape, but the unit's… »3/08/07 8:14am3/08/07 8:14am