NYT: Iran Is Behind the Recent Spate of Cyberattacks on Banks

A series of recent denial of service attacks on US banks are being blamed on Iran. According to the New York Times, "there is no doubt within the U.S. government that Iran is behind these attacks." » 1/09/13 6:31am 1/09/13 6:31am

A Better Way to Spend $100K on the 12 Days of Christmas

Every year, PNC calculates the Christmas Price Index—how much it would cost to actually purchase the cascade of of gifts the hapless sap in "The 12 Days of Christmas" gives to his true love. This year's tally: more than 100K on the 364 gifts. Seriously dude? Here's a much better plan of a attack. » 12/01/11 5:05pm 12/01/11 5:05pm