Amazon's Discounting Tons of Flash Storage and Power Banks, Today Only

Today's Amazon Gold Box Deal features a boatload of flash storage and chargers from PNY for terrific prices. It's all solid gear, but I'm particularly intrigued by the 128GB microSD card for $80, which is the best price we've ever seen for that capacity from any manufacturer. »2/16/15 8:45am2/16/15 8:45am

($9) | Amazon


Leave-In Compact SD Cards Boost Your MacBook's Storage Capacity

The MacBook Air's incredibly thin form factor is made possible largely in part by its use of a solid-state drive—or SSD—instead of a more traditional and thicker hard drive with moving parts. The downside is that SSDs are still considerably smaller in capacity than traditional hard drives, but PNY now has an easy way… »8/22/13 3:20pm8/22/13 3:20pm

PNY 2GB Thumb Drive to Come Pre-Loaded with Ghostbusters, Make All Other Thumb Drives Look Humorless

When you're going to buy a USB thumb drive, there's not much differentiating all the brands other than looks. Usually, people just grab the cheapest or the least stupid-looking. That won't be the case when PNY unleashes it's newest 2GB drive. Why? It'll come preloaded with Ghostbusters »9/03/08 2:50pm9/03/08 2:50pm, that's why. ! There's no word…