How To Cook Breakfast Over A Campfire Like A Pro

Forget instant oatmeal, in the outdoors you should be eating like a king. Here's how to cook the breakfast of bearded champions: bacon, eggs and fried potatoes over a campfire. » 9/30/14 4:11pm 9/30/14 4:11pm

Potato Salad Kickstarter Beats Funding Goal by Over 500,000 Percent

Remember Zack Danger Brown's hilarious potato salad Kickstarter? It just ended with more than $55,000 in funding on a $10 goal. Now Danger (as we call him) says he'll actually do something productive with all that money. » 8/02/14 11:50am 8/02/14 11:50am

The best way to peel a whole bucket of potatoes in seconds

Leo Morten Lund has a great trick to peel an entire two-pound sack of potatoes in less than a minute. All he needs is a drill, a round (clean) toilet brush head, a hose, and a bucket full of water. » 6/26/14 10:50pm 6/26/14 10:50pm

This Potato Bazooka Delivers the World's Most Fearsome Frozen Food

Any mischief-maker worth his property damage knows a thing or two about using spud-based projectile weaponry.Our good pal Joerg Sprave is no different, though his weapon of choice uses wood and rubber bands instead of PVC and hairspray. » 6/07/13 6:40pm 6/07/13 6:40pm

Ten Crazy Things People Use to Make Booze

Sometimes you just don't have the right resources to make a decent drink. But if you get enough sober, thirsty minds focused on the problem, humans can find some pretty creative ways to come up with alcohol. » 1/04/13 5:00pm 1/04/13 5:00pm

Shove This Insane Contraption on Your Head to Cook Potatoes

I love potatoes as much as the next guy. Maybe even more than the next guy. But I cross the line at putting a bucket on my head to cook a few spuds. Well, unless I was cooking au gratin potatoes. » 12/06/11 9:20pm 12/06/11 9:20pm

How To Make the Crispiest, Crunchiest, Perfect Potato Chip

Potato chips might come in every flavor under the sun these days, but all the jalapeño-cheddar dust in the world won't make up for a soggy bag of tater goodness. And here's the secret to the DIY crunch you crave. » 9/25/10 3:00pm 9/25/10 3:00pm

Now You're Playing with Potato Power!

Seems like only yesterday I was powering an LCD clock with a potato and now Israeli researchers are using a similar approach to create a battery that could help solve the developing world's energy problems. » 6/20/10 1:00pm 6/20/10 1:00pm

German Bargain Hunters Conned Into Buying Bag of "Potato iPods"

A group of German bargain hunters, obviously thinking they had stumbled upon the iPod deal of the century, would do best to stop bargain hunting because they're about as dumb as the sack of potatoes they now possess. » 7/12/09 3:00pm 7/12/09 3:00pm

Purple Chinese Space Potatoes: Yum?

Hungry and stupid? Sit down, my friend, as I have a dish that's perfect for you: Chinese purple space potatoes! Grown from seeds that were mutated when exposed to cosmic radiation while up in a Chinese spacecraft, these wacky spuds can't be any more dangerous than a bag of Doritos and a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi, but… » 2/14/07 5:45pm 2/14/07 5:45pm

500-lb. Potato Battery

Anyone who graduated high school should know that potatoes can be used to generate electricity. One person, however, took that idea to the next level by stringing together 500 pounds of potatoes together, generating five volts in the process. The potato battery then powered a small audio system, which neighbors got a… » 4/17/06 9:58am 4/17/06 9:58am