A Flip-Like Pocket Cam From Sanyo Does 1080p At 30FPS

Sanyo, long-time expert in making small but powerful dual cameras (video + still), just made its first Flip-type camera. Yes! It not only has Sanyo's expertise, it also has a 3X optical zoom and dual-mics that look like shoulder pads. » 8/19/10 5:30pm 8/19/10 5:30pm

Creative Vado HD Pocketcam V2 Features Direct Transfer to iMovie,…

Creative today announced their second-generation line of Vado HD pocket camcorders. The most interesting tidbit is the new Mac-friendlier Vado Central software, which allows for easy direct transfer to iMovie. Even better, that software will also work for older Vados. » 9/01/09 7:45pm 9/01/09 7:45pm

Sanyo Xacti DXM-CG11 Pocket Camcorder Does 720p Video, May Have…

Though it's a budget model, the latest Xacti still has a 10-megapixel CMOS sensor that records 720p video (H.264 encoded MPEG-4). But the best part: it looks to have built-in Eye-Fi for super-easy wireless video/photos transfers to your computer. » 8/24/09 1:10pm 8/24/09 1:10pm

Even Thanko Makes Sorta Decent Cheapo HD Camcorders Now

How easy is it to make an HD camcorder? Even Thanko, proprietor of all gadgets weird and crappy, has pooped one out. Akihabara News has some not terribly telling sample video, but says for the price ($175), it's "decent." [AkihabaraNews] » 7/06/09 6:20pm 7/06/09 6:20pm