Meanwhile in the Future: A Second Moon for Earth

This week on Meanwhile in the Future, we ask what would happen if Earth had a second moon. How exactly that happens I won’t reveal — you’ll have to listen! But once it does, there are some really interesting things that we might notice on Earth, from tides and the night sky, to the potential destruction of Earth. » 5/19/15 12:55pm 5/19/15 12:55pm

Podcasts: Where to Start, What to Listen To, and How to Do It Yourself

Podcasting has long since broken out of the niche corners of the internet. If you haven't gotten into it yet, it's time to. Here's what you need to know to get started not just enjoying the vast selection of content available online, but to create your very own show as well. Internet stardom is just a few clicks away. » 8/09/14 12:00pm 8/09/14 12:00pm

iPhone 2.2 Screenshots Show Full Podcast Interface, Polished Store App

New screenshots of the new iPhone operating system update keep leaking from obscure European sites, where they have no respect for NDAs and cheddar cheese. These ones reveal the fully polished over-the-air podcast interface. We got a glimpse of it before-in the iPhone OS 2.2 rumor round-up » 11/06/08 11:07am 11/06/08 11:07am-but these show the whole…

Marantz PMD620 Professional Handheld Field Recorder Might Sound as Good…

It's hard to tell from this pic of the $400 Marantz PMD620 Professional Handheld Field Recorder, but this relatively small solid-state device is slightly larger than a deck of cards. Despite its diminutive stature, it's packing pro-level features that podcasters will like, recording MP3 or WAV files in 16- or 24-bit… » 10/02/07 12:50pm 10/02/07 12:50pm