Apple Kicks Podcaster iPhone App Developer in the Nuts, Again

Even as Android lights up developers' eyes » 9/24/08 8:00pm 9/24/08 8:00pm with the sparkling promise of , Apple's grip continues to . for "duplicating" iTunes functionality——Podcaster's developers in Apple's ad hoc app distribution program (mainly for education and testing) to . For $10, they'd register your iPhone or iPod touch and you'd get…

App Store Blacklist: Podcaster Too iTunesy

The latest casualty in Apple's App Store blacklisting is Podcaster. A native app built according to exact SDK specifications, it goes beyond its creator's web-bound streaming-only Podcaster.fm by letting you download and manage podcasts in a nice straightforward interface. Insidious, right? Apple thought so. According… » 9/12/08 7:30pm 9/12/08 7:30pm