Proof Positive That Technology, Like So Much in Nature, Chases the Sun

I love this. Michael Langan, in this beautiful interpretation of Brian Christian's "Heliotropes," perfectly demonstrates the time, energy, and resources mankind expends in seeking the light. Like sunflowers flying planes. The short film premiered at this year's SXSW. Check it out. [Laughing Squid] » 9/10/11 9:00am 9/10/11 9:00am

TS Eliot's The Waste Land Replaces Angry Birds as Greatest Modernist App

The iPad is the cruelest tablet, breeding bacteria out of its touchscreen, mixing photos and emails, stirring FaceTime grimaces with ringtones. Smart covers keep it warm, covering glass in vivid polyurethane, feeding you poetry with a new, amazingly literary app. » 6/10/11 6:40pm 6/10/11 6:40pm

Shake Your iPhone To Reveal The Sweetest Words To Whisper In Her Ear

I can't resist whispered sonnets or hastily scribbled limericks, but how many guys actually memorize poems nowadays? At least there are apps like this one to help them fake the knowledge and romance with a quick flick of the wrist. » 5/21/10 10:00pm 5/21/10 10:00pm

iPad Buyer's Guide: Super Simplified Edition (Some Jest Implied)

There are six iPad configurations to choose from and some helpful guides explaining which you should get. We thought we'd keep it simple and explain our feelings in nearly decent haiku. » 3/11/10 10:20pm 3/11/10 10:20pm

A Beat Poet and His Macintosh

The recent Apple craze led John Markoff of the NY Times to contact Beat-era poet Gary Snyder and ask him to pen a poem reflecting on "the milestones of the digital age". The result is a delightful read. » 1/22/10 11:09pm 1/22/10 11:09pm

Poetry Clock Called '6 Is For Blossom' Is Only For The Most Lyrical…

Inspired by the poetry of Herman Hesse, this clock tells the time by lighting up various words. By the time you work out what the time is of course, it's probably moved on another 10 minutes. » 12/15/09 9:00am 12/15/09 9:00am

One Day Poem Pavilion: The Sun's Powerful Rays Become Cheesy Couplets…

Solar power doesn't just have to be for them holier-than-thou green types, it can also be for the filthy rich—or for lovelorn poets. Art Center student Jiyeon Song made the One Day Poem Pavilion of boards with holes punched at different angles. Depending on the angle of the sun to the earth where the pavilion sits,… » 4/20/08 10:30am 4/20/08 10:30am

Shitting On Vista Isn't Just a Metaphor Anymore

Though Vista's had its share of bugs, flaws, and faults,
a patch coming soon should bring some good results.
But at the end of the day, when all's said and done,
We'll still be wiping our asses with Service Pack 1. [Impress] » 3/17/08 12:43pm 3/17/08 12:43pm

FrankenHaiku: Nokia N95

In their initial press release, Nokia called their N95 "what computers have become." It wasn't just a new phone, or even a new smartphone. The N95 was the evolution of the computer. » 4/11/07 3:45pm 4/11/07 3:45pm

Apple Hides One-Eyed-Willy-esque Poems in OS X

OS X hackers have found a cute little poem inside the Apple kernel. It's a warning would-be plunderers to leave the OS be. The poem, which appears in locations that could potentially be edited in order to slam OS X onto commodity Intel hardware, implores hAXorZ to stay away. » 2/17/06 9:27am 2/17/06 9:27am