Composite Fiber Pogo Stick Inspires a Whole New Generation to Break Their Necks

Like the hoop and stick or the ball and cup, the pogo stick is another children's toy that just hasn't been able to compete with video games and other electronic distractions. But you know what's sure to get kids bouncing again? A pogo stick with a composite fiber bow spring capable of launching them up to four feet… »9/28/12 2:00pm9/28/12 2:00pm


You Can Finally Pogo Stick In a Pool Thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer

The swimming pool was really the only place left on Earth where extreme pogo stick users couldn't rip mad tricks. Until now. "The Only Underwater Pogo Stick" was designed for use in the pool, and allows you to easily "perform a variety of waterborne stunts as you bounce off walls or bottoms." Instead of a traditional… »6/08/08 4:00pm6/08/08 4:00pm