Sure, Nikon's Top Point-and-Shoot Zooms Twice as Deep, But Does It Fall Short?

By now advanced point-and-shoot cameras have an established market: They're the last point-and-shoot cameras people own before they move on to something better. The Nikon P7700 comes in cheaper than some of its competition and brings a badass zoom that might set it apart for some photographers. Is it enough? »8/22/12 12:01am8/22/12 12:01am


Samsung MV900F: Will This Tiny Camera's Photos Be as Beautiful as its Design?

If there's one thing that's definitely going in the right direction with point-and-shoot cameras these days, it's design. The new Samsung MV900F is a perfect example. Beautiful. Plus it's got a a 3.3-inch capacitive touchscreen that flips out 180 degrees, and, because it's Samsung, Wi-Fi connectivity. But can the… »7/18/12 10:00am7/18/12 10:00am