Fujifilm XQ1: Fuji's New Tiny Cam Packs Tons of Power in Your Pocket

When Fujifilm announced its beautiful pocket camera, the XF1, last year we were genuinely psyched, which made the camera's disappointing handling even more of a bummer. With the XQ1, Fuji has fixed some of the XF1's annoyances and packed in the same hot image sensor that's on the badass X20. Now we're talking. »10/18/13 12:30am10/18/13 12:30am

Sony RX10: A Loaded, Long-Zoom Camera With a Killer Sensor

Sony's expanding its line of snazzy high-end point-and-shoot cameras with yet another formula we haven't seen before. The new RX10 takes the design of the superzoom "bridge" cameras popular with amateurs and juices it with an enthusiast-quality image sensor and dope optics. Like the entire RX-line, the new shooter… »10/16/13 2:00am10/16/13 2:00am

Sony RX100 II: A Totally New Sensor, a More Perfect Point-and-Shoot

Last year, Sony overhauled basically its entire line of cameras from the very bottom to tippiest top. Surprisingly, the most exciting of the bunch weren't mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, but a novel pair of fixed-lens Cyber-shots: The RX100, a point-and-shoot superior to all others, and the RX1, a compact full-frame… »6/27/13 12:00am6/27/13 12:00am

Canon S110 Review: The Best Camera You Can Fit in Your Pocket

The Canon S110 is the most refined little pocket camera Canon has ever made. The core design of the S110 remains unchanged from previous iterations. But with a little streamlining and some key new features, it's inched one step closer to perfection. Are you looking for the highest quality possible in a small… »10/19/12 3:45pm10/19/12 3:45pm