What's the Weirdest Computer Mouse You've Ever Seen?

Touchpads suck. They are obviously and infinitely inferior to the glory of the mouse. But that doesn't mean there's not any room for innovation in mouse-world. Plenty of folks have tried to improve on perfection with ergonomic-y joystick-like tricks and other strange tweaks. What's the weirdest one you've ever come… » 6/24/14 12:20pm 6/24/14 12:20pm

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Gussied Up for Version 2.0

Here's a sneak preview of version 2.0 of Microsoft's Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 that's currently making its way through the FCC, since, after all, it is a wireless device. It's not altogether clear exactly what's been changed here, but aside from that flying-saucer-gold paint job with the black trim, its shape is… » 11/12/07 1:30pm 11/12/07 1:30pm

USB Calculator Mouse Puts the Numbers Where You Need Them

Yesterday we showed you a mouse with a keypad under its lid, but here's an idea for number-crunching road warriors that might be even better: a USB mouse with an integrated calculator. Just like that keypad mouse, this could useful for laptop users who don't have a keypad that's easily used. A major difference is that… » 8/01/07 1:03pm 8/01/07 1:03pm

Bulletmouse, For Straight Shooters and Gun Nuts Only

Look out everybody, it's the Bulletmouse! Now available for $24.95, this chrome-plated, scroll wheel-equipped slug is guaranteed not to go all Elvis on you and put a bullet into your screen. It's so unique, it bills itself as "the original Rifle Bullet computer mouse." We're not quite sure what message you'll be… » 7/19/07 11:03am 7/19/07 11:03am