AD88 From Alfred Dunhill a Pointless Waste of Piano-Black Finish

Whenever I see some high-end retailer flogging non-core business objects, I wrinkle up my nose in disgust. Chanel, of the non-Cylon No. 5, has been the most visible company to do this with its bikes, skis, and now fishing gear, and this is British gentleman's outfitters, Dunhill's, take on it. The AD88. Not only does… »6/23/08 7:20am6/23/08 7:20am

Self-Stirring Cup of Tea Puts My Left Hand Out of a Job

In GizmodoWorld, no one loves a cuppa quite like I do—although the amount of times I go to the kettle each day is giving me RSI. Anyways, two French guys have designed a cup of tea that stirs itself. Simple in its design, all you need do for it to work is channel your inner Cognac-drinker, swilling the liquid around… »4/17/08 4:42am4/17/08 4:42am

Disc Pod Dispenser Makes Past Methods of Disc Retrieval Painfully Obsolete

We see a lot of pointless gadgets around here, but sometimes a product comes along that blows us away with its utter lack of utility. The Disc Pod Dispenser is basically a Pez dispenser for discs. Load it up, push a button, and one pops out. Is twisting the plastic case off of a spindle when you want a disc really too… »5/24/07 11:55am5/24/07 11:55am