Multicellular Evolution Apparently Isn't That Tough To Do and Only…

Wait, I thought evolution was an interminably slow process requiring millions of years to make any noticeable difference? Apparently not if you're yeast. A research team has just announce that it's figured out how to evolve a single-celled organism into a multicellular animal just like a freakin' Pokemon. » 1/17/12 11:20pm 1/17/12 11:20pm

What Happens When a Nintendo DS Lite and Pikachu Get Busy

This sunny-side-up DS Lite is the limited edition result of a love-in with PIkachu and Nintendo. However, the bad news is that there's no guarantee you'll get your paws on one, as this yella fella with Pikachu etched on the cover is so limited that it's only available via a lottery system (and $139). If you live in… » 6/11/07 6:24am 6/11/07 6:24am