Christophe Claret's Latest Watch Lets You Kill Time By Playing Poker

Christophe Claret's first foray into the seedy world of wristworn gambling was the Blackjack 21 that let deep-pocketed watch aficionados pretend to squander away even more of their fortunes. That was followed by a Baccarat model, and now the company is introducing an even more complicated model that lets up to three… »1/19/14 10:30am1/19/14 10:30am

Facebook Hacker Who Stole $11m From Zynga Poker Gamer Gets Slapped With Two Year Jail Term

After stealing £7m ($11.4m) in virtual money from Zynga, Brit Ashley Mitchell has been sent to jail for two years to think long and hard about how his gambling addiction led him to that cold grey cell. Honestly, I don't know what's worse—that he stole £7m in poker chips but only managed to sell a third of them for… »3/23/11 11:41am3/23/11 11:41am

iPhone Dice Game Simulates Real Dice Rolling Using Sensors and Physics

This Dice game is by far the coolest game I've seen, and it's got amazing tech inside which takes advantage of the iPhone's sensors like no other app. Here's how it works: You shake the iPhone and it rolls the dice inside, which you use to play poker. But instead of using some dumb random number generator, it captures… »7/10/08 12:02pm7/10/08 12:02pm

USB Poker Chips, Go "All In" with the Gambling Addiction

Do you love poker? Is your favorite channel The Poker Channel The Travel Channel? Are you wearing sunglasses right now so your co-workers can't tell if you're looking at the screen or the sticky note right beside the computer screen? Will you avoid showering for a week just to test your skin's resistance to bacteria… »5/07/08 11:30am5/07/08 11:30am