As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse, the Tesla Coils Play Lady Gaga

You can use tesla coils to play pretty much any song, whether it's the Mario Bros or Doctor Who themetunes. You can even play Poker Face, as this video demonstrates. » 5/30/11 4:00pm 5/30/11 4:00pm

How to Make Your Own DIY Lady Gaga Video Glasses

If you're desperate for a pair of those Polaroid video glasses designed by Lady Gaga and can't possibly wait until they're released, you'll love this DIY project. It doesn't exactly have all the features of the Polaroid shades, but it looks pretty awesome. [Instructables] » 1/08/11 11:00am 1/08/11 11:00am

Poker Face: An iPhone-Turned-Sorta-Accurate-Mood-Ring

Unlike traditional mood ring voodoo, Poker Face measures bodily conditions like pulse and galvanic response to assess your mood, revealing it on the iPhone's display—and a wristband vibrates when you're starting to feel like a prick. » 5/12/10 2:00am 5/12/10 2:00am