Polaroid Cube Review: A Tiny Adorable Camera

The Polaroid Cube is a delightful little camera that takes still shots and video. Like the name suggests, it's a tiny cube just 35mm on a side. It sticks to any and all magnetic surfaces—even your dinner fork. It can be tossed around and taken out on the town and record all of life's oh-so-precious moments. But so… » 9/23/14 8:00am 9/23/14 8:00am

This Polaroid Produces Instant Slices Of Cheesy Deliciousness

Instead of churning out instant photos, this Polaroid has had its camera guts removed and replaced with a simple cheese slicer. For $10, it still produces fond memories, but instead of a baby's smile or a day at the beach, it's fond memories of eating thin slices of cheese. And that would put a smile on anybody's… » 1/21/14 5:00pm 1/21/14 5:00pm

Polaroid's Socialmatic Camera Is All About Sharing Your Shots

We were cautiously optimistic when the concept for the real-life Instagram camera, the Socialmatic, popped up online last year. Now, despite a few concerns, Polaroid is officially making the design a reality. The company is partnering with Socialmatic, and when the camera is available this fall, it will allow… » 1/06/14 5:46pm 1/06/14 5:46pm

Fujifilm's Instax Printer Turns Phone Snaps Into Instant Film Photos

These days, everything is instant photography, but no matter how many filters you smear onto that smartphone picture, it's never going to have the wonderful feel of the photos a Polaroid used to spit out. But now you can approximate that level of satisfaction thanks to Fujifilm's new Instax Share SP-1 printer. » 1/06/14 3:00am 1/06/14 3:00am

Polaroid's First Camera Caused Black Friday Pandemonium 65 Years Ago

Polaroid is a non-entity these days, but instant photography lives on in the digital photos we produce at dazzling speeds. We're addicted, and that's what made Polaroid the hottest tech company in the world when its first blockbuster consumer product, the Model 95 Land Camera, went on sale. That was 65 years ago on… » 11/26/13 3:00pm 11/26/13 3:00pm

Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder Captures Memories You Don't Want To Keep

Even though digital cameras provide us the same instant gratification after snapping a photo, Polaroid's instant snapper still has a cult following. Of course, that also means that instant film is more expensive than ever, so if you're just a fan of the Polaroid camera's iconic design, this Pola Roll toilet paper… » 10/25/13 5:20pm 10/25/13 5:20pm

Polaroid SX-70 Promo Video Will Make You Fall In Love With the Eameses All Over Again

Best known for their iconic lounge chair that's still in production 57 years after it was introduced, Charles and Ray Eames were actually masters of design across many fields. In 1972 Polaroid asked them to produce a promotional video for its now iconic SX-70 instant camera, and what they created was nothing short… » 1/17/13 11:22am 1/17/13 11:22am

Polaroid's New Mirrorless Cameras Have Sensors in Their Lenses

Along with a mirrorless Android camera that seems too good to be true, Polaroid has announced two other mirrorless cameras that have sensors built inside the lenses. Intended for amateurs, the cameras' sensor placement prevents a novice photographer from accidentally ruining the interchangeable lenses. » 1/07/13 10:50pm 1/07/13 10:50pm

Polaroid iM1836: This Interchangeable-Lens Android Camera Seems Too Good to Be True

Polaroid's interchangeable-lens camera with Android OS leaked so hard last month that Polaroid went ahead and confirmed its existence, saying it would reveal additional specs about the Polaroid iM1836 at CES. Here's that information, and wowow this thing looks incredible. So incredible, that we won't believe this… » 1/07/13 3:00pm 1/07/13 3:00pm

These Polaroids Might Be the Oldest Pictures of an Apple Computer

In 1976, Apple products were far from the thin, glossy blades they are today. Apple's humble beginnings started with the Apple I, hand-built by Steve Wozniak himself, and sold for $666.66. When Paul Terrell, owner of the Byte Shop, purchased 50 of the machines for sale way back then, he took a few pictures with his… » 11/24/12 12:02pm 11/24/12 12:02pm