The Polaroid Z340 Looks Like the Lovechild of the Polaroid One and a…

Polaroid might've ditched the instant film business but it doesn't mean they can't make digital equivalents. The Polaroid Z340 looks like a great digital compromise: classic body, digicam innards like 14 megapixels, flip-up LCD, etc. and ink-free prints. » 7/28/11 12:40pm 7/28/11 12:40pm

Polaroid Coasters Catalog Adventures You Never Had

These four retro-exotic beauties had nothing to do with your past exploits, but hey, Polaroid coasters make for great cocktail conversation—especially when they depict semi-tasteful, half-naked women. Rarely do we find coasters worth ruining your coffee table for, but this $12 set is so much hipper than your yellowing… » 9/22/08 1:40pm 9/22/08 1:40pm