Pole: Is This the Most Minimal Lamp Ever?

Designed to use a minimum of materials and components, the "Pole" lamp just looks very, very cool indeed. Designer Paul Cocksedge was trying to create the illusion of bending light, so made the acrylic and concrete design "to send rays of light on a journey of internal reflection." Simple: the bulb is in the base and light … » 4/25/08 9:24am 4/25/08 9:24am

USB Pole Dancer: On Video, It's an Even Worse Idea

Remember that terrible USB pole dancer » 12/19/06 10:23am 12/19/06 10:23am that we found after it was pulled from the store that was selling it, only for it to be put ? Those of you waiting for yours to get shipped, here's a taste of what you're in for. The ladies over at Shiny Shiny got their hands on one and created this video of it in action,…