Lego Pole Dancer Actually Dances, Turns On Ogres Like Me

Lego Middle Earth brewery? Check. Lego beer, check. Drunk Lego knights and peasants, check (me included). Glowing Lego ogres, check. Half naked Lego pole dancer that actually moves her booty around? ASFFGGAGADGAFGDH!!! » 1/02/09 10:40pm 1/02/09 10:40pm

USB Pole Dancer V2 Performs As You Type

Not only is this second generation USB Pole Dancer actually worse looking than the first » 8/15/08 5:00pm 8/15/08 5:00pm, you actually have to DO SOMETHING to make it perform. The anime-like eyes really makes this version much, much more creepy than the first, as if child labor laws don't apply to the plastic USB world. Nevertheless, $22 makes…

USB Pole Dancer: On Video, It's an Even Worse Idea

Remember that terrible USB pole dancer » 12/19/06 10:23am 12/19/06 10:23am that we found after it was pulled from the store that was selling it, only for it to be put ? Those of you waiting for yours to get shipped, here's a taste of what you're in for. The ladies over at Shiny Shiny got their hands on one and created this video of it in action,…

USB Pole Dancer Available For Pre-order

Remember when we showed you the USB Pole Dancer that was notable because it got ass-canned from Marks & Spencer? It's actually available now online from Boys Stuff over in the UK. Thanks to the notoriety, Boys Stuff can charge £29.95 ($53) instead of the original £19.50. » 12/14/06 9:30pm 12/14/06 9:30pm

USB Pole Dancer

Could this be the ultimate USB-powered gadget that tops every other USB device we've ever seen? Yes, if it were still on sale. Apparently schoolmarms are alive and well in the UK, as local store Marks & Spencer had to can the product just a week after it went on sale. » 12/11/06 1:59pm 12/11/06 1:59pm