FCC Chairman Wants Computer Apps to Function as Net Neutrality…

Sure, the FCC got some net neutrality standards in place, but the majority of people probably wouldn't know if their bandwidth was artificially throttled. That's why chairman Julius Genachowski wants computer apps to alert users of any such funny business. » 1/05/11 11:00pm 1/05/11 11:00pm

Google and Verizon's Worrisome Proposal For Net Neutrality

Last week, reports swirled that Verizon and Google had struck a deal to effectively end net neutrality. Today the companies offered their somewhat troubling suggestions for net neutrality policy, all the while pledging their commitment to the "open internet." » 8/09/10 2:34pm 8/09/10 2:34pm

Hillary Clinton: Blackberry Bans Could Infringe On Rights

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weighed in on the impending BlackBerry bans proposed by UAE and Saudi Arabia, acknowledging the potential security risks of such devices but citing the "legitimate right of free use and access" to them as well. » 8/05/10 6:29pm 8/05/10 6:29pm