Inside the Push to Wipe Out Polio From the Furthest Corners of Earth

In North America and Europe, we don't worry much about polio. Vaccination has eradicated this terrible, paralyzing disease in the first world. But far away, the poliomyelitis virus still thrives. Wired accompanied the teams that hope to wipe out polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The story is compelling. »11/22/13 10:49am11/22/13 10:49am

Watch an Awesome Man in a Wheelchair Build a Helicopter from Trash

This short documentary by Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill, Tim Skousen and Cameron Trejo is called Everything is Incredible and well, it's pretty freaking incredible. It's about a man named Agustín from Honduras who can't walk, lives in poverty yet still wants to fulfill a dream: to fly. He spends his days making a… »9/11/12 10:00pm9/11/12 10:00pm