George W. Bush Urinal Pees Tribute to the Last 8 Years

No matter who you are pulling for in this election, the popularity polls indicate that the vast majority of Americans are ready to see Bush pack up his things and get the hell out of the White House. While there is tons of anti-Bush paraphernalia out there, few things capture our disdain as well as "George W. Flush"—a… »10/30/08 11:30am10/30/08 11:30am

DIY SpokePOV System Lights Up Your Bike in Support for Obama

Past generations decked out their bike spokes with playing cards, this generation is doing it with LEDs »10/27/08 12:00pm10/27/08 12:00pm. One of the best examples so far comes from a Flickr user that utilized six SpokePOV kits to turn his bicycle wheel into a stunning, illuminated Obama logo. If you would like to do a little campaigning of your own,…