Donald Trump's Donation Ticker Is Actually Just A Sample File On Loop

Take a trip over to, and you’ll be greeted by the nice, prominent donation ticker you see above. The implication, of course, is that all these people have just added their name to Team Trump—and you should, too! Except that, at least according to the site’s source code, those “donations” you see…


How to Stream Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate Between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, the Lead Singer of the Band Future Islands and Don't Tell Me It's Not Him Because It's Definitely Him

The first and only vice presidential debate of this election season is tonight at 9pm ET, 6pm PT. And if you don’t have cable there are plenty of different ways to watch Trump’s running mate Mike Pence and Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine square off. Kaine, of course, is perhaps best known as the lead singer of the…

Zapp Brannigan's Voice Actor Reading Stupid Donald Trump Quotes [Updated]

There is nothing funny about the real Donald Trump, a raisin company mascot channelling the spirit of an internet commenter. What is funny is the voice actor behind Futurama’s Zapp Brannigan reading some of Trump’s dumbest quotes in character. UPDATE, SEP 28: Now featuring snippets from the first Presidential debate.