The UN’s New Report on Asian Teenagers and HIV Is Just Heart-Breaking

We’re making progress in the fight against HIV around the world, but it’s still very unevenly distributed. And the United Nations’ brand new report on HIV infections among teenagers in Asia is pretty upsetting. Some 50,000 Asian teens (aged 15-19) became HIV-positive in 2014 alone, and a total of 220,000 adolescents… »Yesterday 8:15pm11/30/15 8:15pm


Republican Plan To Sell Off Your Public Land Shaping Up To Be Major Election Issue

Republican politicians want to sell your National Forests, Wildernesses and Wildlife Refuges to private interests. And that’s particularly controversial out west, where state economies rely on outdoor recreation for billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs. New data shows this will be a hot issue in key… »11/12/15 5:20pm11/12/15 5:20pm

Here Are Some Fun Facts You Might Find on Ben Carson's Wikipedia

After the internet had a chance to hear Ben Carson’s theory about the pyramids, #bencarsonwikipedia has popped up on Twitter. It’s a safe space where supporters are sharing facts that you might find on Wikipedia in some alternate universe where Carson gets elected. Here is a non-definitive sampling of the best. »11/05/15 10:00pm11/05/15 10:00pm

New Ministries Suggest Canada’s Government is About to Get Serious About Science

Canada’s new Liberal government was sworn in yesterday, and if its first moves were of any indication, science—woefully neglected under the previous Conservative government—will become a serious priority. The new cabinet features not one but two science ministers, and a renamed environment office with the words… »11/05/15 12:40pm11/05/15 12:40pm