The Supernatural TV Series May Be the Only Thing Preventing Our Nation From Tearing Itself Apart

While Republicans and Democrats see eye to eye on very little, apparently there is one thing they both can agree on: Supernatural is a damn fine TV series. A new study reveals that the absurdly long-running show is in the three most loved TV programs of both parties, which is pretty much blowing my mind.


These Are the Tricks Political Campaign Ads Use to Brainwash Us

Vote for whoever the hell you want to vote for. But don’t make your decision after watching an emotionally prying, stupid-person-targeting, specifically edited campaign ad. Now You See It explains how all political ads, no matter which side they’re on, use the same methods to trick voters into believing the worst in…


Person of Interest’s Final Villains Are Mark Zuckerberg and Isaac Asimov

For years, Person of Interest has been right on the cutting edge between commenting on current events and speculating about the future. With its final season, the show is depicting a futuristic nightmare—and yet, it’s also more topical than ever before. We talked to producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, and they…