iRobot's Mirra 530 Gets More Power To Better Compete With Pool Boys

iRobot's updated Mirra 530 pool-cleaning robot promises to make it even easier to tidy up your cement pond come summer. Designed to replace the company's Verro 500 model, the Mirra features a set of large wheels instead of treads to better hug the ground and walls of a pool, as well as a more powerful suction and… » 1/04/13 9:57am 1/04/13 9:57am

This Building's Balconies Are Actually Swimming Pools

Witness this architectural nightmare and deadly accident waiting to happen: a 37-story, twin tower apartment building that has apartments with swimming pools instead of balconies. Or balconies that are really swimming pools enclosed in glass. Or... whatever. No matter what you want to call this, I would call it crazy. » 3/30/12 7:00pm 3/30/12 7:00pm

The View From the London Olympics' Diving Board Looks Piss-Your-Speedos …

Another London 2012 Olympics venue's been checked off the list, and Zaha Hadid's aquatic center is quite simply the most stunning yet. All swimming events, plus diving and water polo will be held here in front of 17,500 spectators. » 8/16/11 7:20am 8/16/11 7:20am