Yes, Jurassic Park's Bad Dinosaur Science Still Matters

I was ten when Jurassic Park roared across the screen in the summer of 1993. I couldn’t wait for it. Both National Geographic and TIME ran dinosaur cover-stories leading up to the release, celebrating the new image of “hot-blooded” saurians set to make box-office records. In the week leading up to the movie, I finally… » 6/11/15 2:21pm 6/11/15 2:21pm

How many of these pop culture references do you recognize in this video?

Cruisr's music video for their song All Over contains so many pop culture references in its animation that I can't even keep up. There are famous couples side by side and there are movie scenes recreated and it's just so much fun trying to spot them all. It's like seeing all the movies I've ever seen in one video. » 12/02/14 7:31pm 12/02/14 7:31pm

Watching This Video Will Make You Happy with 1990 Nostalgia

When you look back in time, it's easy to forget what exactly happened when. Things sort of just blend together. Luckily we have YouTube videos to do our remembering for us now. Remember Videos just created a video about 1990 that shows off all that happened in pop culture back then, think Windows 3.0 Back to the… » 6/20/13 9:00pm 6/20/13 9:00pm