The "Blurred Lines" Verdict Is Bad News, Even If You Hate Robin Thicke

Thanks to the decision of a Los Angeles jury yesterday afternoon, pop-music fans have a fun, frightening new game to play: Who's Next? No, not named after the Who album—though maybe its infamous pissing-on-the-wall cover shot might now inspire a lawsuit from Andrew Loog Oldham, who as the Rolling Stones' manager… » 3/11/15 2:46pm 3/11/15 2:46pm

Pop Music Makes Experimental Solar Panels Work 50% Harder

Ever notice how you feel more productive while listening to a great song? It's not just you. Researchers just discovered that a certain type of solar panel works most efficiently when exposed to the acoustic vibrations of pop music. Crank it up! » 11/08/13 12:40pm 11/08/13 12:40pm

This Year in Pop Music, According to DJ Earworm

The highly anticipated annual mashup of all the year's poppiest songs is here: DJ Earworm's United States of Pop. It's a skillful collection of all the songs that you loved and loved to hate in 2010. » 12/30/10 5:20am 12/30/10 5:20am

Is the New Michael Jackson Song a Complete Fake?

"Breaking News," the first single from Michael Jackson's forthcoming posthumous album Michael, is pretty awful. But that might not be Michael's fault! While Sony insists the track's legit, Jackson's nephews say that it actually isn't MJ singing at all. Controversy! » 11/08/10 1:40pm 11/08/10 1:40pm