Super-Precise Laser Scalpel Minimizes Collateral Damage

An ultra-fast tiny laser can work as a miniature scalpel inside the body, making careful incisions or excisions while leaving healthy tissue intact. It is more effective than a doctor's metal scalpel or even other laser devices, according to its developers at the University of Texas, because it leaves more healthy… »4/27/12 5:40pm4/27/12 5:40pm

Disney Tactile Device Lets Games and Movies Literally Send Chills Down Your Spine

Disney researchers apparently don't feel that your video games are realistic enough. Engineers at the company's Pittsburgh research facility have devised something they call "Tactile Brush" that creates the sensory illusion of objects moving against a person's skin, mimicking everything from crawling insects to the… »5/27/11 9:20am5/27/11 9:20am

Cell Phone Radiation Could Interact With Human Tissues in a Never-Before-Considered Way

Los Alamos National Labs is often associated with bombs, and the one it dropped today is no less likely to stir up a firestorm. Figuratively speaking, of course. That simmering controversy surrounding cell phone signals' effect on biological tissue surfaced again today via a Los Alamos researcher who says the… »4/29/11 12:00am4/29/11 12:00am