Glorious video shows how chocolate and vanilla ice cream bars are made

Sploid reader Alden Gleason saw this beautiful GIF last week and decided that we should all see the full source video, which he made at Julie's Organic Ice Cream in Eugene, Oregon. So he uploaded it to YouTube in high definition for all of you to enjoy. It's a glorious film of cream dreams. »12/29/14 11:07pm12/29/14 11:07pm

Hypnotizing GIF shows how ice cream bars are made

Step 1. Get an ice cream factory. Step 2. Make cream ice cream batter. Step 3. Freeze batter till creamy. Step 4. Fill that "in" tube in that popsicle machine. Step 5. Load the wooden sticks. Step 6. Push "on" button. Step 7. Sit and watch in trance. Step 7b. Put face at the end of conveyor belt, eat them all. »12/26/14 10:54pm12/26/14 10:54pm

Are These Avant-Garde Popsicles the Frozen Treats of the Future?

Whether they're ice pops or flat Paletas, most icy treats aren't much of an adventure. But these faceted vegan delicacies up the ante: They're designed to have a smoother melt and better mouth feel and than anything you've tried before. That's right—highly engineered popsicle mouth feel. Welcome to the future. It's… »10/14/13 11:00pm10/14/13 11:00pm