'Optimistic' Predictions From 1950 That Warned of the Coming Dystopia

It's so easy for us to look back at old predictions for the future and see them as quaint or overly optimistic. But when we take a closer look—when we stop to really process what's going on in these predictions—we often find that they weren't merely silly or naive. They were warning of the horrific, dystopian future… » 3/30/15 2:33pm Monday 2:33pm

The Glossy Paperless Magazine Subscription Dream Lives On

I've been seriously waiting to switch all of my mag subscriptions from dead trees and glue to glass and bits, and it looks like it's happening—major mag publisher Hearst is jumping on the iPad subscription train with Esquire, Popular Mechanics and O (the Oprah magazine) in July, at $2 a month each. » 5/04/11 6:16pm 5/04/11 6:16pm

If You Buy an iPad Mag, It Might As Well Be Popular Mechanics

The latest big magazine iPad app is here: Popular Mechanics. It's very possibly the best. Though for now, it's a glorified beta test. » 7/08/10 12:39pm 7/08/10 12:39pm

Popular Mechanics iPad App: The Future of Magazines, All Over Again

The Great iPad Magazine isn't here yet—but it's getting closer all the time. Popular Mechanics' app, set to launch next month, already looks like the new best magazine on the iPad. » 6/01/10 9:10am 6/01/10 9:10am

Browse the PopSci and PopMech Archives On Google Books' New Magazine…

Google has added the complete archives of several magazines, including Popular Science (est. 1872) and Popular Mechanics (est. 1905), to its books search—complete with advertisements and illustrations. It's awesome. » 12/09/08 3:50pm 12/09/08 3:50pm

Dealzmodo: One Year of Popular Mechanics for $5

Whenever I fly, I go to the airport newsstand and pick up a few magazines...often in spite of already having a subscription because I'm a poor planner. Popular Mechanics » 11/28/08 9:00am 11/28/08 9:00am is one of them. Now Hearst is having a $5 sale on one-year subscriptions of many of their magazines, including , along with , , ...OK, I'll cut this…

Behind the IMAX in The Dark Knight

One of the many exciting aspects of The Dark Knight is how the movie incorporated IMAX shots. Friends who watched the film have called the shots absolutely stunning and incredibly immersive; another reason why this is the Best. Movie. Ever. Having yet to see it, I can only sigh wistfully and aggregate information on… » 7/19/08 7:00pm 7/19/08 7:00pm

Popular Mechanics Call Zune 2, Apple TV 'Worst of the Year'

Popular Mechanics knows how to get people pissed off. They just released their "Worst of the Year" list, and while much of it is the type of crap that I've never heard of that I'm sure is lousy. it has some stuff on it that quite a few people might actually, you know, like. Such as Apple TV, Zune 2 and Pleo. What were… » 12/13/07 5:30pm 12/13/07 5:30pm

JetPacks You Can Buy Now, Reviewed Head-to-Head

Did you know that not one but two JetPacks are for sale right now? Pop Mechanics puts em to the test in the July issue. The Tam Rocket Belt costs $250k, flies for 30 seconds and has a top speed of over 60mph. The JetPack H202 goes 70mph, flies 33 seconds and is a bargain at $155k. Both weigh over 100 pounds, include… » 6/19/07 5:05am 6/19/07 5:05am