The Solar-Powered Fridge of 1937 Made Sunbeams Into Ice Cubes In 2 Hours

We often think of solar-powered devices as pretty new. But we've been harnessing the sun since long before the first practical solar cell was introduced back in 1954. For instance, in these solar-powered contraptions from a 1937 Popular Science film — including the amazing fridge that turned sunbeams into ice cubes in… » 5/09/14 6:42pm 5/09/14 6:42pm

Retromodo: 'Sun Lamp Held In Hand Brands Babies'

Modern Mechanix found this 1938 issue of Popular Science with a really, really fun baby branding gadget designed to make sure hospital mixups were a thing of the past. Did it work? Oh, I'm sure it did. Did it eliminate hospital baby mixups? No, because somebody somewhere along the line though it was a bad idea. We say… » 8/06/08 8:00pm 8/06/08 8:00pm

PopSci Culinary Gadgets Put the "Chen" Back In "Kitchen"

We never knew that the gear in pro kitchens had enough tech to be so—dare I say?—pantsworthy. Take for instance the Heidolph VV Micro Evaporator, that $3,000 kitchen distiller above. Recognizable food goes in one end, and a powerfully flavored goo comes out the other. (How very... soylent?) Below in the gallery, there… » 10/10/07 2:40pm 10/10/07 2:40pm