Put a Porsche on Your Keychain Without Taking Out a Loan

Flash drives are given away at trade shows like breath mints. But unless you like waiting hours to slowly back up your files, you're going to want to spend some money on a drive with a little more speed and capacity. Looks don't hurt either, which is why you'll want to consider LaCie and Porsche Design's latest sleek… »10/09/13 9:00am10/09/13 9:00am

Sagem Porsche P'9521 Cellphone Looking Good in Amsterdam Grope Session

The Sagem Porsche P'9521 cellphone has resurfaced after its initial intro we showed you last June, and this time there are clean and sexy pics along with some first impressions from LetsGoMobile. The phone will be available sometime before Christmas exclusively at The Phone House for a Porsche-like price of €1200… »10/11/07 9:40am10/11/07 9:40am