Improv Everywhere Creates Epic Balloon Battles Using MP3 Players

Improv Everywhere »10/20/08 2:15pm10/20/08 2:15pm, the pranksters behind such internet classics as the and the , recently did a tour of four North American cities to hold their MP3 experiments. These consisted of thousands of people getting together, each with a special MP3 loaded up on their portable audio players, and then following the…

Sony's Thinnest Walkman Player Ever Has Active Noise Cancellation, Song Suggestion Software

Sony's S-series Walkman is their new high-end digital audio player that is not only their slimmest player to date, but has active noise cancellation and the SensMe music suggestion engine. Sony bundled 13.5mm EX headphones with the S-series players, as well as a pass through cable that connects to an in-flight… »8/28/08 7:00am8/28/08 7:00am

Holeder Earphones Concept Avoids Bacteria By Hanging in Your Ear

These unlikely-looking earphones have been dreamed up by designer Yoonsang Kim to combat the bacteria build-up that normal in-ear 'phones apparently have. They also hang together behind your neck when not in use, as a neat solution to that "oops my earphones are dangling" issue. There's just one flaw I can spot: just… »8/22/08 8:50am8/22/08 8:50am