DARPA's Secret 'Gandalf' Project Busts Terrorists With Their Own Portable Devices

The new 'Gandalf' project launched by DARPA »10/08/08 12:15pm10/08/08 12:15pm is classified, so there isn't much in the way of details, but it seems that the goal is to use a special set of "handheld devices" to track targets of interest using "radio frequency geolocation." Spy planes and drones are already capable of similar functions, but this new…


Is Sony Ditching Ericsson For a PlayStation Branded Phone?

According to Marketing Week, Sony may be considering launching a PlayStation branded phone by Christmas 2009. Naturally that would raise some questions about the health of their relationship with Swedish mobile company Ericsson. The report goes on to say that Sony is leaning towards modifying the PSP to incorporate a… »6/25/08 5:35pm6/25/08 5:35pm

Retromodo: Microsoft Takes a Few Steps Back With "The Veda" Computing System

While The Veda concept is a fairly new idea out of Microsoft's R&D labs, the design itself looks as though it was picked out of a time capsule sealed in the mid '90's. Apparently, the Veda can be used as a phone when the screen is closed, as a multimedia player when the screen is open, and as a normal portable PC by… »6/16/08 7:00pm6/16/08 7:00pm