Philips DCP951 Portable DVD Player Likes iPod Touch, Kitchen Counters

The Philips DCP951 portable DVD player ditches the laptop design of previous portables for a shiny tablet layout that works as well on the road as it does in the kitchen. As the successor to the DCP850, this portable has a half-inch bigger LCD screen and a dock for the iPod Touch. Price and info are below the jump. » 4/13/08 1:30pm 4/13/08 1:30pm

Sony DVP-FX850 Portable DVD Player: It's Shiny, It Swivels, It Supports USB Media

I don't know about you, but I find DVD portable players like this Sony DVP-FX850, quite boring. Even with this model's 800 x 480 panoramic LCD screen, which can swivel almost as much as the Exorcist girl's head without the gross drooling. I don't care that it can decode Dolby Digital audio with its built-in… » 4/09/07 3:33pm 4/09/07 3:33pm

Dealzmodo: $25 Portable DVD Player on Amazon

Hey, this is a quick reminder for the Axion portable DVD player that will be on sale tomorrow at 8am Pacific. This post really isn't meant to remind you to buy the Axion, but to remind you that this deal is absolutely pitiful compared to the Xbox 360 deal of yore. C'mon Amazon. We are giving you free publicity because… » 12/02/06 6:15pm 12/02/06 6:15pm