Philips DCP951 Portable DVD Player Likes iPod Touch, Kitchen Counters

The Philips DCP951 portable DVD player ditches the laptop design of previous portables for a shiny tablet layout that works as well on the road as it does in the kitchen. As the successor to the DCP850, this portable has a half-inch bigger LCD screen and a dock for the iPod Touch. Price and info are below the jump. »4/13/08 1:30pm4/13/08 1:30pm

Portable DVD Player with Sexy-Flexy Display Transforms Into Mini-Theater

Here's a wild-ass looking portable DVD player (PDP) that reminds us a lot of that player we showed you last month that looks like a butterfly knife. This concept takes that design a few years into the future, looking like it's about the size and unpocketable shape of that crazy iPhone clone Intel was flaunting the… »9/21/07 10:20am9/21/07 10:20am