Rumor: New Dual-Touchscreen Nintendo DS in Early '09

This is on the rumor-ier side, but Brian from Kotaku's man deep, deep in Japan has dropped him a tidbit about a new DS that might be in the works-one that bumps up screen sizes and finally replaces the top screen with a touch screen. The Nintendo DT, perhaps? Anyway, this certainly won't be hitting before Christmas,… » 8/27/08 11:00am 8/27/08 11:00am

iPhone's Myst Remake Is Coming, Made By Three Dudes

The iPhone's button-free input scheme isn't so great for fast-action shooters or action-adventure or any type of game with the phrase "action" in it, but it is great for RPGs and point-and-clicks. What better point-and-click to port over to the iPhone than Myst, which is one of the ones that came out during the height… » 8/21/08 10:30pm 8/21/08 10:30pm

GameChains Save Your Nintendo DS Games From a Toilet Water Abyss

Designed by Chip Stockman and his 9-year-old daughter Caroline, GameChains are a keychain-like safety net for your precious Nintendo DS games. The chains consist of "laser-cut tabs, a powder-coated metal chain, and aggressive, but non-permanent, adhesive pads"-which is a fancy way of describing something that should… » 7/09/08 3:40pm 7/09/08 3:40pm