New Nintendo 3DS Review: A Terrible Name for a Worthy Successor

Portable gaming is Nintendo's wheelhouse: it pioneered the category with the Game Boy, reinvented it with the Nintendo DS, and uses its current generation, the Nintendo 3DS, to help pay the bills in the wake of underwhelming Wii U sales. Starting today, you can buy the company's latest gaming handheld: The New »2/13/15 1:00pm2/13/15 1:00pm


GameChains Save Your Nintendo DS Games From a Toilet Water Abyss

Designed by Chip Stockman and his 9-year-old daughter Caroline, GameChains are a keychain-like safety net for your precious Nintendo DS games. The chains consist of "laser-cut tabs, a powder-coated metal chain, and aggressive, but non-permanent, adhesive pads"-which is a fancy way of describing something that should… »7/09/08 3:40pm7/09/08 3:40pm