Confirmed: Nike+ Only Works With 2nd Gen iPod Touch, Not iPhone or 1st Gen iTouch

Our interview with Apple confirmed something we suspected in our liveblog and our hands on »9/09/08 3:12pm9/09/08 3:12pm with the device: that the Nike+ integration only works with . Owners of the first-gen iPod touch, the iPhone and iPhone 3G are locked out, because of the technology required to connect the device to the receiver in your shoe…

New iPod Shuffle: Same Chip-Clip, Now With Nano's Hand-Me-Down Colors

At this point, the housing can't get much smaller without coming with a serious child-safety choking warning etched into the back-but obviously not wanting to leave any iPod untouched today, Apple spread some more saturated ROYGBIV love to the shuffles (the nano's old digs, actually »9/09/08 2:12pm9/09/08 2:12pm), ditching the lighter pastels.…

iPod Classic Gets 120GB Boost For $250, 160GB Discontinued

The iPod classic looks like it's getting the runt's end of the "Let's Rock" magic wand today-with boosted storage to 120GB for $250, up from 80GB for the same price. And it's death for the 160GB thickie, matching the Zune's lineup to a tee. Same form factor and colors as last time. Now, the largest iPod money can… »9/09/08 1:17pm9/09/08 1:17pm

Samsung Ships YP-P2 Media Player, Bluetooth Phone Compatibility To Come

Today in NYC, Samsung finally launched its long-awaited YP-P2 PMP, aka "the P2," the Korean powerhouse's rival to the iPod touch. The P2 features a 3" touchscreen display with an "EmoTure" interfaces that allows you to slide and tap your way through menus. But while it will ship fully functional with A2DP streaming… »11/01/07 2:22pm11/01/07 2:22pm