Headphonies: 3-Inch Vinyl Figures Make Unique Portable Speakers

Portable speakers for the iPod are a dime a dozen, but these limited edition "Headphonies" are a little more eye-catching than other generic models. The set includes 5 figures created by several artists (including Frank Kozik »10/27/08 2:15pm10/27/08 2:15pm), and 2 blank versions that you can decorate yourself. Naturally, you don't expect to get a…

Orbitsound T3 Portable Speaker "Plays Music in the Air Around Your Head"

The Gadget:Orbitsound's T3 is meant to act as a portable speaker for on the go listening. However, the guys at Orbitsound claim their patented airSOUND technology means you will only hear the music in one distinct area, thus causing minimal disturbance to others. It works by using specialised amplifiers to convert… »1/10/08 6:30am1/10/08 6:30am

i.Dear Portable Wooden Speakers: 1.5-Watts To Annoy Your Neighbors

i.Dear enters a crowded field of wooden electronics with its 1.5-watt keychain speaker. The market for uselessly small speakers must be a burgeoning one. It works with any audio source that has the standard audio out jack, while its Korean designers laud its ability to output sound from devices like the all but failed… »2/22/07 8:44am2/22/07 8:44am

Brightonnet Cylindrical Active Speaker: Pretty, But No Boomtube

Take an aluminum pipe, stuff a tiny 2.2-watt amp and a couple of speakers inside and you have a cylindrical active speaker from Brightonnet Japan that works with just about any iPod. The speaker draws power from a PC's USB port or runs on a quartet of AAA batteries, and is pleasingly portable at just 7 inches long,… »12/06/06 3:59pm12/06/06 3:59pm