Here's Portal Running On The 3DS. Pity Valve Didn't Make It.

Hey, remember Portal on the DS? Well, Portal (or at least a demo of it) is now also on the 3DS. It's not an official Valve product, of course—as if Valve would ever make another video game!—but it still does the job. » 3/26/15 8:15pm 3/26/15 8:15pm

Samsung's New Speakers Are Basically Portal Guns

Samsung says these fancy wireless speakers were created at a "state-of-the-art audio lab in Valencia, California." We know better. They're clearly the product of Aperture Science, the secret think tank responsible for a hilarious murderous artificial intelligence, not to mention one hell of a teleportation tool. » 12/29/14 10:32pm 12/29/14 10:32pm

Guys use a Portal gun to do some impossible basketball trick shots

If I had a Portal gun like these guys, I don't think using it for basketball trick shots would have been on the top of my to do list. But after watching this video, I may have to change my mind. » 12/23/14 6:12am 12/23/14 6:12am

How Can Portal Look This Unbelievably Amazing On a Graphing Calculator?

If you thought spelling out childish messages was the only fun you could have with a calculator, think again. Some incredibly talented hacker who goes by the handle Builderboy has written a Portal clone for Texas Instruments Ti-83 and Ti-84 graphing calculators. » 12/03/12 2:04pm 12/03/12 2:04pm

Why Did It Take So Long For Companion Cube Ice Trays?

Who knew that slapping a heart on the side of a 3D rendered cube would turn it into one of the most beloved video game characters of the past five years? Definitely not Valve, otherwise the developer would have had this Companion Cube Ice Tray on the market ages ago. » 10/19/12 4:00pm 10/19/12 4:00pm

Scientist Finds Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field

According to NASA, Jack Scudder—a researcher at the University of Iowa—has found "hidden portals on Earth's magnetic field [that] open and close dozens of times each day." Some of them are open for long periods of time. » 7/03/12 12:00pm 7/03/12 12:00pm

Portal Inspired LED Flashlights Are Better Than Cake

Had I been subjected to the same nightmarish labyrinth featured in the Portal games, I would have preferred a more substantial reward than cake at the end anyway. Like these adorable light and sound keychains. » 11/22/11 9:20am 11/22/11 9:20am

The Final Hours of Portal 2 for iPad

Valve's Portal 2, the much anticipated and loved video game, obviously took a huge undertaking to create. In the Final Hours of Portal 2, journalist Geoff Keighley observed Valve for three years to tell you how it all happened. It may be an app, but it's long form journalism brilliantly told on the iPad » 5/19/11 6:00pm 5/19/11 6:00pm

What is it?

Razer's New Motion Controller Looks Awesome When Paired With Portal 2

Razer's Hydra PC gaming controller is taking the guts from two Wiimotes and packing them into the form factor of its nunchuck accessory. They say it's the first "gaming-grade" motion controller. » 4/21/11 4:37pm 4/21/11 4:37pm

Portal for iPhone

The Fatal Flaw With Portal on Macs

Macs may have supported the two-button mouse well before Portal came free with Steam on Mac, but that makes this comic no bit less funny. [googpeg via digg] » 5/13/10 5:20pm 5/13/10 5:20pm

Portal Gets Played On an iPhone, Sort Of

OK guys, deep breath. This is a video of Portal being played on an iPhone, and it looks pretty good. But it's probably not an actual port of Portal. » 7/16/09 11:45am 7/16/09 11:45am

The Portal Gun Build Process, Documented in 113 Photos

You've already seen the famous fan-made Portal Gun. Now see the entire build process documented in 113 photos (OK, only about 40 of them actually showing the gun in its raw clay form). » 2/04/09 11:40am 2/04/09 11:40am

GLaDOS GPS Voice Might Make You Think the Directions are a Lie

Sure, a Knight Rider GPS system is cool if you're in your 40s and remember watching the show when it was first on, but what about people looking for a GPS navigator with a more contemporary cultural reference? How about GLaDOS from Portal, one of the best games of the last few years? » 6/30/08 11:15am 6/30/08 11:15am

HP Employee Slices Birthday Cake, Fanboy Hearts With MacBook Air

After viewing this pic of Rahul Sood, the CTO of HP's gaming division this afternoon, we're left to wonder here at the Weekend Gizmodo news desk whether the MacBook Air was misnamed. Perhaps MacBook Shank is more apt; or the MacBook Shiv; or even something cross-promotional, like the Ginsu Mac. Regardless, we've seen… » 6/01/08 5:00pm 6/01/08 5:00pm

PC Stands For Portal Case

Much more tech-y than some case mods we could mention is this Weighted Companion deal from Magnus Persson, based on those handy crate-like things all you Portal players are fond of throwing around. Magnus designed and completed the 7.9-inch-wide case in the space of a week. Still, he managed to successfully squeeze a… » 1/21/08 6:51am 1/21/08 6:51am