Portal for iPhone

Safari for iOS is good. Very good, even! But you might want an alternative—an extremely sexy alternative. But useful, too! Like a Hooters waitress who also teaches physics! And is a web browser. » 1/31/11 9:20pm 1/31/11 9:20pm

What is it?

Portal, iPhone, $2. A fullscreen web browser with an expanding radial menu. » 1/31/11 9:20pm 1/31/11 9:20pm

Who's it good for?

Aesthetes. You… » 1/31/11 9:20pm 1/31/11 9:20pm

HP Employee Slices Birthday Cake, Fanboy Hearts With MacBook Air

After viewing this pic of Rahul Sood, the CTO of HP's gaming division this afternoon, we're left to wonder here at the Weekend Gizmodo news desk whether the MacBook Air was misnamed. Perhaps MacBook Shank is more apt; or the MacBook Shiv; or even something cross-promotional, like the Ginsu Mac. Regardless, we've seen… » 6/01/08 5:00pm 6/01/08 5:00pm