How to Sit Correctly with Good Posture So You Don't Kill Yourself

Are standing desks last year's advice? Whatever. Unless you're lucky enough to be on your feet all day for work, you probably sit too much. We all do. When we go home, we sit on the couch. When we have dinner, we sit on a chair. When we watch a movie, we sit in the theater. When we go out, we sit on a stool. Our life… »8/16/13 6:00am8/16/13 6:00am

iPosture Now Shocking Backs Straight In the United States

Looks like the U.S. will get its own chance to experience the joys of posture correctors/torture devices- the iPosture »11/10/08 10:45pm11/10/08 10:45pm, which consists of an one-inch button that attaches to your clothes and vibrates when you slouch, is now available States-side for $90. Using it for four hours a day for the first two to four weeks…

Ergoskin Orthopedic Underwear Prevents You From Becoming a Hunchbacked Freak

The Ergoskin is one of those far out concepts that will probably never see the light of day, but the fact that poor posture is a common problem (especially amongst us computer nerds) makes this unique solution intriguing. The design utilizes sensors woven directly into fabric at special points along the body—sensors… »4/16/08 8:30pm4/16/08 8:30pm

Posture Alarm Makes Your Spine Like The Queen of England's

When I was a kid my parents constantly told me to sit up straight and stop slouching. This generation of parents is lucky, they have a gadget that can automatically force children to sit uncomfortably. The slouch alarm will make an annoying noise if you start to deviate from the vertical, making you hold yourself like… »8/22/07 6:12am8/22/07 6:12am