Watching ceramics masters do their work is incredibly soothing

I wish there wasn't any music to this video. I wish it would just be the sounds of the pottery wheel spinning, the hands shaping the clay and the quiet focus of the ceramics masters resonating. But even with the music, watching masters of their craft actually perform their craft is an incredible sight to see. » 7/16/14 12:03am 7/16/14 12:03am

Good Lord, This Pottery Zoetrope Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

Pottery can be described in many ways, but, unless Demi and Patrick are getting sexy at the wheel, mesmerizing is probably not one of them. That is, until you see this perfect little clip commissioned by the UK Crafts Council, which shows a lump of clay transform into an earthenware zoetrope. I could stare at this… » 12/20/13 11:20am 12/20/13 11:20am

3D Ceramic Printer Creates Pottery Bowls and That Perfect Futuristic…

To watch this transparent cube build a ceramic bowl must be like watching magic. The nozzle shoots clay out, designing sculptures layer by layer, until the finished object is ready to be fired in a kiln. » 2/22/10 2:40pm 2/22/10 2:40pm

USB Pottery Wheel Is Hypnotic, Pointless

Remember that romantic scene from Ghost with the wet pottery and the steamy groping? This USB pottery wheel mod will never, under any circumstances, re-create such an intense moment by the side of your computer. But it is pretty entertaining to watch a hard drive coupled with sweaty fingers create asymmetrically clay… » 2/29/08 10:39am 2/29/08 10:39am