Stick 6,000mAh of Battery Power in Your Pocket For $10

This 6,000mAh battery pack features a svelte design and a second USB port, which is a rarity at this size. Obviously, there are bigger battery packs out there, but this looks like a great option if you want something pocket sized. [Lumsing 6000mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank, $10 with code EQVL973P]… »8/31/15 6:15pmMonday 6:15pm

Add Over 11,000mAh To Your Battery Collection for $13

Intocircuit’s Power Castle line of chargers is one of the most popular on the market, and their 11,200mAh model is down to $13 today. That’s a great price for 3-4 full smartphone charges. [Intocircuit 11200mAh Dual USB Portable External Battery, $13 with code EWABW9UB]http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BB5GQRE/... »8/17/15 6:15pm8/17/15 6:15pm

Keep All of Your Devices Charged and Happy With This $18 Anker USB Hub

These multi-port USB charging hubs are perfect for travel, or just for keeping on your desk or night stand, and Anker makes one of the most popular and highly-rated models on the market. Today’s $18 price tag is the best we’ve ever seen, and a no-brainer if you don’t already own something similar. [Anker 40W/5-Port… »8/06/15 6:35pm8/06/15 6:35pm

Pick Up an 8,000mAh Battery Pack for Under $10 Today

This ultra-thin 8,000mAh battery comes with a “fancy customized fiber pouch,” and will only set you back $9 today. That price is only available for the white model, though black and pink are only $1 more, with no promo code required. [Aukey 8,000mAh Battery Pack, $9 with code NBNRLJG3]… »8/05/15 6:15pm8/05/15 6:15pm

We Can Thank Plutonium for Everything We've Learned About Pluto

Our epic journey to Pluto has been filled with cosmic coincidences. Crossing Neptune’s orbit 25 years to the day after Voyager 2. Zipping by Pluto 50 years on the nose after our first Mars encounter. But my favorite serendipitous fact of all has to do with how we’ve powered the entire New Horizons mission—using none… »7/16/15 5:00pm7/16/15 5:00pm

Turn Two Power Outlets Into 12 for Just $8

These Belkin Surge protectors are really just power strips (200 joules isn’t going to save you if lightning hits your house), but there’s nothing inherently wrong with that when they cost $4 each, assuming you’re just using them for lamps, fans, and other inexpensive electronics. [2-Pack Belkin 6-Outlet Surge… »7/13/15 6:15pm7/13/15 6:15pm

Which of Our Favorite Sci Fi Gadgets is the Most Powerful?

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, so naturally, we’re seeing a lot of iconic scifi gadgets this weekend. But as a faithful Giz reader, if you’re in the market for a fantastical new weapon to defeat your sworn enemies, you’re gonna want specs. How much energy can Thor’s hammer or a Jedi lightsaber actually produce? »7/11/15 11:00am7/11/15 11:00am