Apple Shamed Into Shipping Tiny iPhone Power Adapter in Non-Gargantuan Envelopes

A couple weeks ago, Apple made its grand entrance into our Shipping Hall of Sham »11/08/08 5:00pm11/08/08 5:00pme by sending out its new, for the iPhone 3G , despite their huge emphasis lately on going green. All those boxes really add up too, since Apple . that they're now shipping them in much tinier, more efficient padded envelopes. It seems…

So That's Why Apple Recalled the iPhone 3G's USB Power Adapter

Apple's ( truly »10/28/08 5:40pm10/28/08 5:40pm) massive makes total sense now: It's a piece of a shit. The "certain conditions" that'll make its prongs break off are basically breathing too hard, too close, since they only extend about 1/8 of an inch into the adapter and are "held in place with some type of glue and a bit of wishful thinking." If…

Apple Recalls Ultracompact USB Power Adapter for the iPhone 3G

Apple has revealed that the tiny little USB power adapters that shipped with the iPhone 3G are potentially dangerous and must be recalled.
"Under certain conditions the new ultracompact Apple USB power adapter's metal prongs can break off and remain in a power outlet, creating a risk of electric shock. Users with…
»9/19/08 5:22pm9/19/08 5:22pm

What's in the iPhone 3G Box? Not as Much as You Think

With iPhone 3G availability still a month away, inquiring minds can't help but scour the Apple site for clues. After drooling over the 3G and GPS info, we spotted a less tantalizing update: the included accessories. Where's the dock, what's up with this cheaper-looking power adapter, and was it really worth it to… »6/11/08 11:30am6/11/08 11:30am